Blue Jean Baby...

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Okay, folks... when you start a project with virtually no direction... relying totally on your own inspiration and limited working knowledge, you're bound to learn some valuable lessons.

This jean rug is kicking my tail.

Lesson #1: It might take more than 6 pairs of jeans to create an 8' x 10' area rug. I knew I would need more jeans, but I had no idea how much usable fabric that I'd get out of this purchase. Another trip to the thrift store is in my near future.

Lesson #2: When you're doing patchwork of inconsistent sizes, your seam allowances will make a difference in the overall assembly. So, if this is your first run around the block, keep your pattern easy. Right now, I'm sewing pieces together and filling in the gaps with more jeans - generously donated by my mother so that I can maintain my pace.

Lesson #3: Accidents are bound to happen! They already have. But, ya know, that might work to my favor on a project like this. This is a piece all about personality (more on that in a minute). I discovered that I'd stitched some of the pieces incorrectly and I fought every twitch in my body driving me to rip seams. I'm a vicious ripper.

Lesson #4: It's easy to get distracted when you're cutting up crazy pants like this. I find myself wondering, "Who would buy a size 40 jean with dragons embroidered on the butt?" "How did this stain happen?" "Do I really want to know?" Hmmm... probably not... in the meantime, these little details (or rather large in some cases) are infusing my rug with loads of personality.

So, dear friends, this project mushes on for another week or two. But, I think it's going to turn out great. Well worth the extra attention. I'll take a brief time out to prepare another scrappy gift tutorial for next weekend.

Until then, I wish for you a week full of peace and happiness and productivity and inspiration.