There's a reason to keep it!

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Remember my scrappy potholders from last weekend? I made too much bias tape for the edges of the potholders - about 24" too much. As I was cleaning up today, I saw the scrap and thought, "Flowers!" And not just because it was a floral print...

Fabric flowers are on everything right now - clothing, hair accessories, even jewelry! I'd never made them before, but the concept seemed simple enough. So, I gave it a quick try.

First, I cut my bias tape into three 7" strips - nothing scientific about the measurement. I wanted to make six flowers so that's how I divided the length of fabric.

I cut each strip in half, lengthwise.

I sewed a loose basting stitch along the folded side of the strip.

I then pulled one thread on either side and started gathering the strip towards the middle of the length.

I kept gathering until the whole length wound into a tight curl.

I tied both ends of the thread together to hold the flower's shape.

Aren't they sweet? I have big plans for this tiny little bouquet. Lots of them, actually. I need a little more time to narrow it down.

Headband? Brooch? T-shirt? What would you use them for? Please post and share your ideas!

By the way, I have a big project on the horizon that I can't wait to tell you about. Stay tuned. More details will be in my next post!