My Wish List

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I keep a notebook handy at all times. If I'm inspired by something that I read or see, I add it to my list of projects that I hope to get to someday. We'll talk more about the notebook as time goes along. It's something I can't do without!

So... confession time. I watch a LOT of Disney tween shows with my son. He's at that age where Max and Ruby or Kipper the Dog just don't cut it anymore. We started innocently enough with Phineus and Ferb (arguably the best cartoon of all time) and we've slowly moved into Suite Life on Deck and Sonny with a Chance. Terrible, I know.

Hang with me here. I'm going somewhere with this.

Several months ago, we were watching a show - Good Luck Charlie - when I saw the most fantastic rug! It was made out of blue jeans. Instantly, said rug was on the list.

So, yesterday I went shopping for the goods. My mom and I hit Goodwill, where I found the most fantastic jeans for my project - all for around $5 each! I have never been so delighted to own urban-wear pants. The pockets are amazing!

I also found this really cool belt buckle, a leather cuff, a jacket, and a dresser that I had to have. I'd forgotten how great thrift store shopping can be!

I plan to make the rug for my boys' playroom in the new house. Dimensions will be 8' x 10'. My idea for the layout is structured, rather than the free form design of the inspiration piece. Something like the diagram I've sketched out below, but better (I hope!).

Should you decide to pursue a similar project, I would recommend purchasing the largest jeans you can buy - more fabric for the money!

This project will take some time to complete, but I was too excited to share my plans!

What are you working on this week?